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About me

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Alexandria Jeffrey

Empress Locs & Braids began 11 and a half years ago in my dining room at home. I would never forget the day I decided I needed to begin a new career because I was so unhappy where I was employed at the time and with my life period. It all started when I was a little girl, I always dreamed of having long luscious locs,  but my mom was totally against it (LOL). She always expressed to me that when I moved out her house, then I can install them. So said, so done. I was dating a Rasta at the time and it was my job as his Empress to maintain his crown. He taught me the ins and outs of basic maintenance of Locs and the Palm Roll method. From there, I was hooked! I installed my Brother Locs, then I began playing with different methods that became popular. Later on I  did a mentorship at a full service salon for a year and a half. I researched and studied various products, tools and loc techniques that I can apply to my future clients.

As I progressed, I began telling everyone about my business and the success I hoped and dream of. I was going to College, Working Full Time plus overtime, but still provided services at my home. I lost my job but it was my wake up call, IT WAS TIME. Eventually, business picked up,  I began traveling more to build clientele but it was time to find a location away from my home. A place to call my own.

Today Empress Locs & Braids is located in a inside of Salon Lofts, in suite 21. Everyday I strive to meet as many new clients as I possibly can. I intend to help others feel not only rejuvenated, but sexy and secure in their natural hair.

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